Deon Doughty’s Artist Statement

Deon Doughty – Elevating Community with a Brush

Hello, my name is Deon Doughty. I am a multimedia artist. I love Arizona’s local live music scene. A musician myself, I admire the sheer musical talent, virtuosity and creative genius that surrounds me in the AZ Music scene! Being apart of this magical scene is like having a part in the best movie ever made.

Asked to paint a show, by Travis, lead singer for, “Japhy’s Descent“, on 4-20-2011 at Long Wongs Tempe; I decided to paint the people I admire most, my friends and my peers, who I consider nothing short of Rock Stars. I would create epic paintings, like holy relics of the Tempe music scene, that capture Rock’s raw musical energy and passion in a timeless fashion. Paintings that visually elevate artists to their highest iconic state! Capturing the moment forever in a painting.

My artistic process starts with taking photographs of the artist at the most climactic moments of their performance. I take many photos of my favorite singers and bands, and then I select the picture that visually represents, and personifies the ultimate aspects of the artist’s character and music. This is simply a snapshot.

Then I take the picture into the digital realm, cropping it, performing color correction, and getting the image ready to transfer to canvas. The 18 x 24 canvas is sprayed with metallic gold. A guitar stand acts as the easel for this golden canvas, and the photo chosen acts as a sketch. Using the photo as a guide, I draw it on the canvas with a pencil. I choose a show that the artist is performing at; I then take the gold canvas out on the guitar stand, and find a spot where I can see and hear the artist performing. I bring along a bag of tricks, with prussian blue and cobalt blue acrylic paint, a plastic cup of water, a tinfoil palette, paper towels and brushes. When the band begins I start the process of capturing the vibrations between the artists and audience in rhythmic brush strokes of beautiful blue using negative space to paint the artist in gold. After the painting is completed the artist painted signs the back bar of the canvas. I have completed 27 of these paintings, one five foot by five foot band painting, and four album covers.

I elevate my subject matter visually to its highest level! Capturing the moment forever on canvas with paint!

The AZ Rock Star Gold Series paintings are meant to be viewed, while music of the musician plays. The series has had three of these viewings, “The AZ Rock Star Gold Festival”, a two day festival at the Sail Inn, and “A Day for Walt” at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

“The Tempe Sound” exhibit presented by the Tempe History Museum, represents the pinnacle of the observation and exploration of my paintings to date. Without the music of the local musician painted, the paintings have no context of who they are, or what their music sounds like. My solution was to create a fully interactive exhibit. A responsive website that works on the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The website name is which uses QR codes to connect viewers to rich media content developed with cutting edge technology. A QR Code Reader can be downloaded for free from either the Apple or Android App store. The viewer, through their mobile device and QR code reader are empowered with the ability to share through social media, connect with the artists band, view the painting, or read a biography about the musician by Arizona’s greatest music critic, Mitchell Hillman. His reviews appear in Java Magazine, Phoenix New Times, and at While connected, listen to the musician’s music, watch their videos, read their press, view my personal photo collection, find out where to buy their music, where they are playing, join their mailing list, and much more.

Please enjoy the show, as much as I have enjoyed capturing it.

Deon Doughty – Elevating Community with a Brush