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Travis, Lead Singer of Japhys Descent


Lead Singer of Japhys Descent

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

Travis is the charismatic frontman and visionary founder behind the rock’n’roll machine that is Japhy’s Descent. Whether it is his high energy on stage presence or his affable demeanor off stage, Travis has become a recognized staple in the Tempe music community. He is the voice of Japhy’s Descent and for well over half a decade he has been filling every venue in Tempe and Phoenix with that voice, refining the band that surrounds him to their current, perfect lineup.  The band itself was started by Travis when he was doing solo acoustic shows, and their name was inspired by the pinnacle moment in Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums. It’s the moment where Jack Kerouac realizes that anything is possible with the support of the people he surrounded himself with and as Japhy Ryder comes running down the mountain like a billy goat, Kerouac understands he can do the same because he can’t fall off the mountain, Japhy (Gary Snyder in real life) is there with him and there is nothing to fear. This sentiment has guided Japhy’s Descent from the beginning and because of that they keep making great records, each one surpassing its predecessor. The first great record Japhy’s Descent released was the Feedback EP, which was a four song affair previewing what would their stunning double album Moon Noon, featuring one disc of acoustic tracks joined by their fellow artists in the community and the other disc featuring the raw rock’n’roll of Japhy’s Descent. Japhy’s Descent has just released their newest masterpiece, Christopher Robin an album inspired by Benjamin Hoff’s book The Tao of Pooh. When Travis told me nearly two years ago, that would be the concept for the new album, I could hardly believe, but they’ve pulled it off and it is the best thing they’ve ever done. I have always thought of Travis as Tigger, due to his stage performance and general energetic nature, now I won’t be able to ever think otherwise as I listen over and over to their new single “Bounce.”
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