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Mitchell Hillman, music critic

Mitchell Hillman

Music Critic

Photo and Biography
by Deon Doughty

I consider Mitchell Hillman, Arizona’s greatest local rock and roll critic. His words, positive beacons to the best bands in the metropolitan area. If Mitchell Hillman writes about your band, you know you’re doing something right. Mitchell is a hip, affable guy that loves to listen to new, live, and recorded music. After processing the music he has heard. He then, writes eloquently descriptive prose, illuminating the characteristics of why the band’s music needs to be bought, and their shows need to be seen.

Everywhere I go that a new band is playing, or some off the grid event, there is Mitchell. He, and I are on the same wavelength. We are both constantly seeking and mining new talent, to either, write about or paint. Pioneering, for what makes our creativity spark. New and incredible, awe inspiring music!

I am fortunate to be friends with, this gentleman. I trust his ear. We are agreeable and share much of the same tastes. Mr. Hillman is a great gatekeeper for new and emerging talent, on the local scene. Mitchell’s rich resume of reviews for the publications and websites he writes for; Java magazine, Sounds Around Town and Phoenix New Times, Up on The Sun, speaks for itself.

That is why I asked him to write the biographies for my paintings and inclusions of his reviews. All I can say, Mitchell Hillman, is thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for collaborating with me. Letting people know who I have painted. Inform and excite the masses, why these musicians are worth following.

Mitchell keep searching. Keep writing.
Rock on brother! Rock on!