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Deon Doughty, multimedia artist

Deon Doughty

Multimedia Artist

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

I first met Deon in the Summer of 2011, we certainly crossed paths before that but never really connected. I can specifically remember us dancing in the same way at The Sail Inn and me mentally noting that this guy was someone I should hang out with. It was when he did the cover art for Japhy’s Descent Feedback EP in December 2011 that we really connected as I wanted a t-shirt of that cover and he had designed it.This was at Long Wong’s and I knew that I had met a new, lifelong friend. Over the following months Deon and I would run in to each other at The Sail Inn or Long Wongs. There were a few times where he took the stage and I assumed he was solely a musician. I was wrong in that assumption. One night I showed up at a gig and he was painting one of the members of the band as they were playing. My curiosity was piqued, to say the least. Deon had a plan, he wanted to paint all the musicians that moved him with gold paint and the plan was brilliant. He wanted to memorialize all the musicians that rocked his world with portraits using gold paint. And then he did. Unabated. Before I knew it there were five, ten, fifteen, he kept going and he is going still. Why? Because he loves local music like I love local music, like Beef Vegan loves local music, because how you would like local music if you listened. Deon finds his inspiration in the energy that is transmitted by the artists he loves the most and through that he paints their portraits. In those portraits he tends to capture the musicians souls–it is not his intention, it is simply a result. Deon has a way of capturing someone’s essence without confining their existence. That alone is what makes him a fantastic artist. He has captured the very vitality of the current music scene in paint and long after it’s passing the paintings, embedded with sound, will still be there.