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Danny Godbolt

Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Keys for
What Laura Says

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

There is something special when an individual can not only be a talented musician and an amazing singer, but also a truly great performer. Danny Godbolt was the lead singer of the much beloved What Laura Says, as well as playing keys and guitar for the local legends. One of the things that set that band apart, however, was the high energy stage performance that Godbolt gave at every single performance. It is one of the most powerful shared memories of those who were lucky enough to see What Laura Says perform. As the lead vocalist, he laid down some of the sweetest vocals ever for a psychedelic band that was filled with rocking guitars, swirling keys and hauntingly beautiful harmonies. Speaking of keys, the only time that Godbolt took a break from his high energy stage antics was when we would sit down at the keyboard for a song or three. Still it was his energy, his performance that stood out from other bands in town. That is to say, he put on a show with the energy of Mick Jagger or a young Rod Stewart, his performance and charisma is what helped What Laura Says sell out The Sail Inn or any other venue at their peak. They put out great music and put on a fascinating, visually stunning show, while other bands put out great music and stood in place, staring at the audience or down at their shoes. That is what made What Laura Says exhilarating and Godbolt was a big part of that. One of the last times I saw Danny we drove around in his car and listened to the new What Laura Says album that was never released, we talked and drove around for what seemed like an hour. It was good, it was damn good. What Laura Says only played a few more shows after that before breaking up. While over the years the other members of the member have eventually surfaced in other musical endeavors, Godbolt receded into the shadows, both from the scene and the public eye. Maybe he’s just waiting for sometime to return.

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Danny Godbolt, Lead Singer and Guitarist of What Laura Says
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