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David Moroney, Bass Player for Wooden Indian, Party Gardens and What Laura Says

David Moroney

Multi talented musician for
Wooden Indian
Party Gardens
What Laura Says

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

David Moroney (AKA Mitch Freedom) has to be the most prolific musician in Arizona currently and is one of the most sought after bass players around. Currently he is performing as a vocalist for Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, and playing bass for Wooden Indian, Samuel L. Cool J, and Party Gardens from LA. I first came to know Moroney as the jazzy bass player for the much beloved and fondly remembered What Laura Says, who stood on stage as the only reserved and totally hip member of the band. He has also played in Mitch Freedom’s Phantasmagoria, The Through And Through Gospel Review, Yellow Minute, Where Dead Voices Gather, The Expatriates and Spontaneous Respiration. Needless to say, this cat gets around. Clearly his talent is not only appreciated by music fans and people like me that write about music, but musicians themselves. I would not be surprised if he hasn’t joined two more bands during the time I’ve been writing this. It may be that not only is Moroney talented, but he is just a very low key, calming force in the Universe, and something of a level headed anchor for any band he is in, no matter how riotous they may be. For this reason as well he has been drafted by some of the best artists in town as a session musician on their recordings, including the late Andrew Duncan Brown, Black Carl, Courtney Marie Andrews, Michelle Blades, Bryant Eugene Vazquez and Pro Teens. What about Moroney himself? He has the finest taste in eclectic music of anyone I’ve ever met and music, truly is his life, he has made it so. Because of both of these things, I think he can apply himself to do anything he wants in any band he wants to be in and succeed. The list of bands he’s in or that want him will only grow longer with each passing day, because he’s well on his way to becoming a local legend.

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Party Gardens - Dance Flora

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