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Garnet - Dry River Yacht Club


Lead Singer of Dry River Yacht Club

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

Garnet is the beautiful, gypsy eyed, chanteuse that leads the Dry River Yacht Club with her sultry, hypnotic vocals. Simply said, she has one of the best voices in Arizona and it excites, surprises and mesmerizes the audience all at once. Add to that her elegant and often unusual dance moves she creates and aural and visual sensation on stage all at once. While your ears may hear the entire band, it will be difficult to take your eyes of Garnet during their performance. She is the singer, the lyricist, the visionary, the very magic that makes Dry River Yacht Club happen. And happen they do with the seven other members of the band playing certainly guitar, bass and drums, but also violin, bass clarinet, trombone and bassoon. If you’ve never heard Dry River Yacht Club I’m not sure where to begin, but I am sorry that you have not heard them or experienced them live. The confluence of musical influences, flavors of sound, if you will, are drawn from so many sources it exceeds all expectations of what a normal band could bring to the plateā€”the mix of Eastern European folk music, Americana, combined with a bit of Gypsy rock, dashes of jazz, classical, cabaret and even a touch of Spanish spice is truly like nothing out there today. Garnet once told me that she considers their music “World Music” and that’s probably apt because it is drawn from every corner of the globe, grabbing the best bits of local dance traditions. They coalesce those influences and turn into the sound that fuels one of the most exciting local bands to be found on record and especially on stage. Their brand of Indie-Gypsy-Americana-Rock has expanded even further in reach with their latest album The Legend of El Tigre and so have Garnet’s vocals. She gives her finest performances to date on the new album and the same can be said of her on stage. Garnet is not only an amazing artist, she is an amazing performer as well and I have had the pleasure to watch her grow into something truly spectacular on both fronts over the last five years.

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