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Jess Pruitt

Bass Player and Backup Vocals for
The Desert Beats
Doctor Bones

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

When you think of most bass players, you think of the guy that stands in the back or off to the side, barely reacting, but holding down the fort in their own reserved way. Jess Pruitt is not this kind of bass player, not by a long shot. Pruitt rocks the bass with the energy and grandiosity of a lead guitar, he is constantly rocking out and in fact, there are very few pictures of him standing still when he is anywhere near the stage. Though he had been in a few bands before, Pruitt first made an enormous impact on the local scene as the bass player for the indie dance punk outfit Doctor Bones. He was one of many exciting elements that made the now defunct band purely magical, both on record and especially on stage. It’s an unusual dynamic when the bass player appears to rock out and dance harder than the lead guitartist, but Doctor Bones was not like any other band to begin with. Since the demise of Doctor Bones, Pruitt has joined up with several bands. The first is a side project local supergroup that dedicates themselves to performing murder ballads called The Shivereens that put a dark spin on country, soul, gospel and rockabilly. Pruitt has also become the bass player for Field Tripp and has helped transform their sound into the best it has ever been. Finally, Pruitt has formed The Desert Beats which debuted their own special brand of “Desert Rock” this past summer. Their sound is electrifying and this will be one of THE bands to keep you eyes on in 2015. It almost a guarantee that if a band has Pruitt in it, your going to love it, he has the magic touch.

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Jess Pruitt, Bass Player for The Desert Beats and Doctor Bones
Jess Pruitt, Bass for The Desert Beats
Jess Pruitt, Bass Player for The Desert Beats

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Doctor Bones you are missed, but never forgotten

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