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Kevin Redlich

Vocals and Guitar for
and Quick Henry

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

In the case of Kevin Redlich, I don’t think it’s actually going to far to say that he is a guitar god. I know it seems extreme, but I’ve seen him in so many bands and I have been impressed by both his guitar work and his stage presence, that it blows my mind. Redlich left Arizona for a spell and one of the bands he was in had to replace him, in order to do so they had to bring in two new members, which led to my comment that “Apparently, it takes two regular guitarists to replace a Redlich.” I was not wrong. He is certainly one of the most prolific guitarists and one of the most sought after to boot, once you hear him it’s not difficult to understand why. Redlich has been a guitarist for Quick Henry, Chocolate Fountain, Cock Posse, Five high, Los Guys, Corey Gloden Explosion, Charlie Shooter Band, Shawn Johnson and the Foundation, and Sinister 7. I am certain that list is not complete and certainly doesn’t include the times he’s been drafted to fill a spot (or two). Now he has a new project that is setting the local scene on fire called SweetGrass. I suppose it must be said that there is more to Redlich than just guitar skills and a great voice, he has a tremendous stage presence and a definite charisma about him. I certainly hope that there will be some definitive recordings from SweetGrass in the near future. I had always hoped for a full length album that would document the brilliance of Quick Henry, but now I hope that Redlich takes SweetGrass to a realm beyond that and finally lays down a solid record, because I know it will be brilliant.



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Rock and Roll Lives in AZ
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