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Matt Busch, Bass Player for Sasquanaut and Dead Fox

Matt Busch

Bass Player for Sasquanaut

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

Matthew Busch is probably the heaviest bass player in town. Any time anyone asks me to recommend a bass player for a hard rock project, Busch is the first person I think of without pause. I’ve been a fan of Busch’s bass playing in Sasquanaut for years. Largely instrumental and heavier than hell, they have a near metal aesthetic that is counterpointed by a fairly artistic compositional standing. Sasaquanaut  is heavy music for high times and the heavier and higher, the better. Their debut EP in fact, was never supposed to happen and never intended to happen–Sasquanaut was going to be a “Live Performance” only kind of band. It did seem unlikely, the first time I ever saw them years ago, that they would be prompted to release an EP or an album, but The Missing Link EP is proof that while it wasn’t supposed to happen, the world can be thankful that it did. In short order the EP slays. When Busch is not laying down the grooves with Sasquanaut, he is playing the bass for the epically loud Deadfoxx, a fairly recent project that blends hard rock, metal and prog rock into one three piece and it is the third loudest band I have heard in the world. I am certain that every time Deadfoxx plays, the sheer volume of their music actually sterilizes frogs within a three mile radius. Matthew is the bassmaster behind what are arguably two of the loudest and hardest bands making the rounds on the indie scene and he’s damn good at what he does. Anytime I see him in a band or on the stage, I know I’m going to enjoy it, because he makes it look effortless to be so hardcore rock’n’roll.

Sasquanaut – Missing Link EP Review

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