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Page the Village Idiot

Page the Village Idiot

Singer, Songwriter, Comedian Page the Village Idiot

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

If there is a clown prince of the local music scene, it would have to be Page the Village Idiot. Part fool, part court jester, part clever satirist, Page comes on loud and strong, but amidst the clamor and the fury, there is a sharp sense of both comedic brilliance and sardonic wit. One of the signs of an accomplished music scene is the presence of a fringe dwelling madman, who, in his madness and merriment produces a unique vision that is both unusual and beloved by his local contemporaries. Our own slightly sociopathic, wild eyed, politically charged asylum escapee is Page The Village Idiot who has just released three volumes of wonderfully surreal, strange and often quite funny collection of songs that will make you smile, shudder, shake and laugh out loud. Over the last few years I’ve watched Page The Village Idiot delight the members of his audience who know him with his spastic performances and ribald humor, while also terrifying the unsuspecting guests in the crowd who are not quite used to his brand of insanity. Page is a local legend, there is little doubt about that, whether it is his politically charged rants about Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio or if he is clowning around with jokes about your mom, there is a sense of genius at work behind the scenes. His recordings are far different from his live performance, but both must be checked out for full enjoyment. Page has also been holding his version of “The Late Show” complete with a sidekick, interviewed guests and musical performances–these evenings are always fun and Page puts on quite a show. The truth of it is that he is far from the Idiot he claims to be, in fact, he is one of the more intelligent persons I’ve met and his near encyclopedic knowledge of quality classic rock is beyond compare.

PTVI III Review in JAVA Magazine

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