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Paul Cardone (P.C.), Bassist for Dry River Yacht Club and Founding Member of the Apache Lake Music Festival

Paul Cardone (P.C.)

Bassist for Dry River Yacht Club
and Founding Member of the
Apache Lake Music Festival

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

Paul Cardone, better known to everyone in the music scene as PC, is something of a local legend, as well as a definite character about town. PC, also known as “The Mayor of Tempe” has been involved with the local music scene for thirty years since he moved here from Colorado and formed the band Shadow Talk. He has seen and participated in three generations of local music in that time. Having just celebrated his 5oth birthday, PC is still rocking harder than ever in bands like Cock Posse, Sinister 7,¬† and The Chocolate Fountain Experience. His greatest contribution to local music currently is as the bass player for Dry River Yacht Club, one of the most beloved groups on the scene right now. He recently joined them before they recorded their latest album The Legend of El Tigre and his contributions have provided a new depth to their sound. DRYC has never featured a bass before in the band and PC’s mastery at the instrument is a welcome¬† and dare I say much needed addition. When I first started writing about local music I thought he was a roadie for DRYC, but then I would see him helping other bands, eventually I saw him get on stage and rock out. It seemed like it would only be a matter of time before he ended up joining DRYC, he was at nearly every one of their shows, he knew all their songs and they did not have a bass player. In addition to being a musician, he is also the co-founder for the greatest local music festival in the valley, Apache Lake Music Festival. This annual festival is THE yearly event for local bands and fans alike, in a beautiful natural setting during the best weather of the year. He has also been a mentor, manager and friend to many, many musicians. Some of the local scenes favorites would not be where they are without his advice.

The Legend of El Tigre Review

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