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Sarah Hibner - Future Loves Past

Sarah Hibner

Vocals, Keys, and additional Percussion Future Loves Past

Painting by Deon Doughty

Biography by Mitchell Hillman

Sarah Hibner is an essential element to every live performance of Future Loves Past and I can’t imagine one without her presence. Her addition as a multi-instrumentalist which covers percussion elements and keys, as well as her vocal contributions are a necessary ingredient in what FLP does on stage, which is where they shine the best. Aside from all her talents as a musician, there is something that Hibner brings to the stage that is very nearly indescribable, but it is represented by her amazing smile and an overflowing projection of warmth and love. I have attended more Future Love Past shows than should be legally allowed by law and one stunning element has always been the grace and graciousness that Hibner presents in both her performance and her presentation. Whether she is playing the keyboards, introducing the planets, shaking a tambourine or providing lovely harmonies, her smile is beaming to the crowd with a message of love while a feeling of unadulterated joy emanates from her. There have been entire Future Loves Past shows where I have concentrated slowly on that smile alone to see if it ever washes away, but alas, her charming delight goes unabated and with it the crowd responds in kind. In addition to all of her talents as a musician she also happens to be an amazing graphic designer and photographer as well. It appears that all of the members of Future Loves Past revolve around the world of the arts and Hibner is as embedded in the world of visual art as she is in the world of music, often find herself where the two intertwine.

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